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  • Calculating crude oil base density
  • Pipeline calculation
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PetroCalculator is a free technical calculator that can help technicians, chemists, engineers, students, etc., to perform a whole range of petroleum-related operations. Thus, you may calculate the density correction based on one of the three density tables: crude oils, lube base oil, or generalized petroleum products.
It is also possible to calculate the time, the head pressure, plus the volume corrector factor and liters at a given temperature and density. In addition, this application lets us make pipeline volumes/calculations/flow rate limitations, and head pressure calculations.

There is a multiple converter aimed at converting values in any of these categories: weight, volume, temperature, gravity, pressure, length, and standard volume. The user interface provides many details/options that make it very easy to handle. The only thing we need to do is enter the values in the appropriate box and click on the "calculate" button. Furthermore, the user interface is spiced up with a slideshow that displays a collection of pictures of Petrospection, a petroleum prospecting company based in Australia that has developed this free calculator.


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Publisher's description

The Petro-Calculator is designed to assist with the common calculations associated with the handling and quantification of petroleum liquids.

The functions of the calculator are as follows: Volume Correction Factor, Standard Density Correction, Conversions.
Volume Correction Factor presupposes the conversion of volume at observed temperature to volume at 15°C for crude oils, generalised petroleum products and lube oils using ASTM Tables 54A, B and D and Generalised Light Products (including LPG) using DIN 51 757 Annex B and Annex G volume correction factors, with the option of rounding the correction factor to four or five decimal places. The calculation of the ASTM VCF incorporates the rounding and truncation routines defined by the ASTM Standard.
Standard Density Correction is the correction of density at observed temperature to (standard) density at 15°C for crude oils, generalised petroleum products and lube oils in accordance with ASTM Tables 53A, B and D, with the option for hydrometer correction. The calculation of the standard density incorporates the rounding and truncation routines defined by the ASTM Standard.
Conversions include:
- Standard volume (calculation between KL @ 15°C / US Barrels @ 60°F based on known API or density @ 15°C);
- Volume (intra-conversion of the following units: litres/ cubic metres/ US barrels/ US gallons/ imperial gallons/ cubic feet);
- Weight (intra-conversion of the following units: metric tons/ long tons/ short tons/ pounds);
- Gravity (intra-conversion of the following units: density @ 15°C/ API/ pounds per US Gallon);
- Pressure (intra-conversion of the following units: kPa/ psi/ Atm/ bar/ kgcm-2/ mm hg);
- Length (intra-conversion of the following units: decimal feet / inches/ millimetres/ feet-inch-inch fraction);
- Temperature (degrees C/ degrees F).

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    Can not download Petro calculator. About 50% and then stops downloading.